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Robert Weinberg grew up in several states along the East Coast; spending his earliest years in Maryland, and finishing high school in suburban Miami, Florida. When not in school Robert spent his teenage years working for a computer repair company and participating in several concert, orchestral, and jazz bands as he pursued his interest in drums & percussion.

After high school, Robert attended The Florida State University Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, in Tallahassee, Florida. 40 Students are accepted into the program each year which allows hands-on opportunities to consult and learn about entrepreneurship in various industries.

While pursuing degrees in Entrepeneurship and Business Management Mr. Weinberg gained experience working in the banking & finance industry. It was during this time that he saw the realities behind how these institutions major goal was to keep you in debt for as long as possible. Robert began learning the insider secrets that large corporations & multi-millionaire entrepreneurs used to strategically reduce their debts which he then adapted to the consumer model with tremendous results.

Since 2003 Robert has been on a mission to help people make their lives better: Helping families maximize their financial success, eliminate debt, and live a better life. Showing homeowners strategies to save hundreds or even thousands per month on their monthly payments, dramatically improve their credit scores, and see the opportunity for wealth that they never thought was possible.

We offer you a FREE ANALYSIS and consultation to determine if you qualify for our flagship debt elimination program. The free analysis report contains a breakdown of your overall savings in both time and money.

Debt Elimination Program highlights:

* Accelerate the payoff of ALL debts without increasing payments.
* Achieve complete debt freedom in 50% to 70% of the normal time.
* Save thousands of dollars in interest payments.
* Much more effective than a biweekly mortgage program.
* Includes all debt: Mortgage, auto loans, student loans, credit cards & other.
* Maintain and improve your good credit!
* Build Equity in your home much faster and simplify your financial life.
* Effective interest rates as low as 3.6%

We eliminate all of your debts, (including your mortgage) in rapid time, with no increase in payments.
While the debt-management programs you see advertised are limited to helping you with your unsecured debt such as credit-cards, our program eliminates all of your debt including your mortgage, car loans, student loans, credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, etc. The more debt you have, the more we can help.

Our program preserves your good credit.
While debt-management programs are effective in hardship cases, their process of renegotiating with your existing creditors can have a negative effect on your credit. In contrast, our program preserves your good credit. While we are not in the business of credit repair, your credit scores improve as a natural result of making timely payments and eliminating debt.

Big savings in interest.
Interest savings of $25,000 to $100,000 and more are typical with our program. Our earnings are based on how much we can save you, so we have every incentive to save you as much as we possibly can.

No out-of-pocket expense.
Unlike companies that require you to come up with up-front fees, our fees are built into the program and are a small percentage of the savings we create for you. You will be completely debt free in far less time, without spending a penny more than you are spending right now.

Avoid the home loan debt-consolidation trap.
How many people do you know that refinance to put their credit-card debt against their home every few years, pyramiding their debt, and putting their home at greater risk? We get you out of that cycle, as we actually eliminate all of your debt.

We automate the process. (This is one of the keys to our extraordinary success rate.)
No longer will you have the monthly hassle of making your debt payments. Everything is professionally handled for you with 100% safety and security. You can go online whenever you wish to watch the transactions and see your progress. We reduce your stress, save you time, and ensure your success -- which allows you to focus more on being successful with your career and your family.

Over a 95% client success rate!
While expensive self-help programs have very high failure rates, we ensure the success of your program by taking care of everything for you. The program is flexible. We stay with you through moves, life changes, and even income disruptions, until you are completely debt-free. While clients are free to terminate our services at any time, they are so happy with the convenience and bottom-line results that they virtually never drop out.

What is the catch?
Unfortunately not everyone qualifies for this program. Primarily homeowners with three or more non-mortgage debts (totaling $10,000 or more) will benefit the most.

If you do not qualify, we are happy to refer you to the most effective alternative solution for your particular situation.

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