Michael Jackson narrowly avoids foreclosure by restructuring debt
Published On March 17th, 2008

I heard an interesting story on the radio the other day: Pop Singer & Entertainer Michael Jackson has just avoided foreclosure on his “Neverland Ranch” by securing a debt restructure plan to the tune of over $20 million.  The station reported that Mr. Jackson and his advisors had restructured the mortgage on the property as well as several of Jackson’s other debts and barely avoided a bank foreclosure as a result.

I am writing about this because I think there are 2 things than can be learned from it:

1) No matter how much money you have, financial problems still exist

2) If you need help, seek out a professional who can assist you with your situation – before it’s too late

See, many people look at someone like Michael Jackson and think about all the money and fame he has obtained.  Even someone with millions of dollars can get into financial trouble and get deep into debt.  When faced with this dilemma it is important to seek out someone who can help you to fix the problem, instead of trying to deal with it on your own.  Just as Jackson sought out advisors to help handle his debt problem, you can do the same.  Call my office at 1-888-456-5635 and ask me for your FREE Debt Melt-Down analysis.  It doesnt matter whether you have 5, 50, or $500,000 in debt – We have many solutions to help!

Your Friend,

Robert Weinberg

P.S – The biggest mistake I am seeing people make right now is waiting to call our office if they see their debt becoming a problem!  Had they only called 1 or 2 months earlier we might have been able to help them.

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