Putting Your Debts on Autopilot
Published On August 12th, 2008

If you have seen or read about the Law of Attraction within the last 12 months then you will be aware that one of the principles explained about the way most people have been dealing with their credit card and loan debts is actually wrong.

According to the teachings of the Law of Attraction, you will bring about what you think about and if you are thinking about debt in anyway then you will attract more debt.

You may say that it is get out if debt, but if you truly understand the principles of applying this law to your life you will know that the universe does not distinguish any difference between get out of debt or get in debt, it just hears the word debt.

The only way you can truly get out of debt is to set up an automatic debt repayment program and focus on wealth and prosperity. This is not as hard as it may sound and there are plenty of products and advice to help you do just that if you know where to look. The “Debt Melt-Down” system is one such service.

As the emotions attached to debt are usually negative ones, such as worry, doubt and anxiety these types of negative thoughts produce negative emotions and feelings. Debt has a way of dominating your every thought and every more to the point where you can find yourself worrying so much that it may even result in depression. You see reasons why you cannot do something rather than ways that you can. You expect bills in the mail all the time and you are being constantly reminded by the credit card companies that there is an overdue payment.

Unless you can replace these negative emotions with positive ones you may spend a very long time trapped in debt and all that goes with it. However as revealed through the study of The Law of Attraction, by putting those debts on the back burner, you will free up your mind and thoughts to be able to focus on wealth and prosperity.

It is only when our bodies are completely at ease that energy can flow freely through it and you may suddenly find yourself with that million dollar idea once you able to shift your thoughts and emotions from negative ones to positive ones.

This is not to say that being in debt is not to be taken seriously, it is about changing the way you feel about being in debt. By being able to deal with your debt so that it is not out of control and is going day by day without having to use your energy on it you will soon find that you feel more in control of everything you do and regain a positive outlook on life.

Your Friend,

Robert Weinberg
Credit & Debt Expert

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