Money - Learning howto Cutback
Published On March 5th, 2010

Creating a new habit of cutting back in spending for many people is very hard and you may be one of them.

Your emotions play an important role in your buying and in you cutting back.

Why you spend?
It is not good enough to say you are going to cut back in your spending.

It is important for you to understand why you spend in the first place, what is your gain from your spending.

Maybe you have not considered that you spend to fulfill a need or a want and that need or want can be emotional, physical or both.

There are many reasons for you spending and the simplest reason is that it makes you feel good or it impresses others; it helps you forget your problems even for a short time, it helps with loneliness, sadness and disappointment.

Don’t deprive yourself

Depriving yourself as a way to cut back is not the answer because you will feel more depress and may resent or blame others around for your problems.

Put aside some money for fun is important than attempting to be too rigid about taking hold of your spending.

You can break the cycle of feeling that you have to sacrifice or deprive yourself to get what you want.
No more blaming

When you find yourself in a crisis with your money first don’t panic because it will not help you to think of different solutions.

Create a way out of crisis before by start putting money aside for an emergency.

Don’t blame your mate for the reasons why you both are in debt for this will only create more distancing from both of you.

Your job is to have a better communication so both of you can come up with more solutions to solve the problem even if you disagree you are communicating and that leads to a solution.

Start by you taking control of what you can do to cutback in expense and show by example and hopefully the other person will jump on board, if they do not, still lead by example.

What is your motivator?

Having a goal of cutting back to pay off something like medical bills, to buy a home, a car or to take a course that will help you get a better salary is motivating enough to cut back.

Putting up your goal or sharing your goal with family and friends can help to motivate you to stick to it and have them help you to be accountable for your goal.

Taking responsibility

As you take responsibility for your financial future you begin to stop the pain to yourself and others around you and create a new way of behaving financially.

When you go to the supermarket and buy items it may not seem to be expensive until you get up to the check out counter and all is added up so to it is when you cut back on a little of different things in your spending.

Conclusion: Learning how to cut back start with a willingness to create a new way of behaving that will affect all the people in your life.

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