Investment of the Year: Lending Club
Published On December 11th, 2010

I am proud to announce that my investment of the year for 2010 is hands down, Lending Club.  My return for 2010 will be between 12.9-13.1%

It’s been a while since I discussed Lending Club on my blog because I was waiting to see how the system worked over the course of an entire year.  January 2011 will be my 1 year anniversary of being a Lending Club investor and I am very happy with their platform and of course the stellar returns.

I started with $1,000 in my portfolio and have slowly been putting more and more in.  I used Lending Club’s “Prime” account note-placement program where they pick the notes for you, but overall I have been more successful with my own note picking strategy which has turned out to be very stable.

Here’s how my strategy works:  I look for debt consolidation loans for borrowers with a stable employment of at least 4 years.  I also read all of the questions other investors have asked.  If the borrower identifies their home value and mortgage amount, I do not invest in any note where their mortgage is more than 95% of the current home value.  I also look for good grammar and diligent answers from a borrower since I feel that is a reflection of their character. I am focusing on C-F grade notes.  I do not invest more than $25 in each note so that I am able to diversify my portfolio across a large spectrum of borrowers.  I am constantly reinvesting my principal & interest payments I receive into new notes to help amplify my returns over the long run.

I will continue to post about my success with Lending Club periodically.  For more information on Lending Club Click Here.

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