How to Save on Last-Minute Holiday Shopping
Published On December 5th, 2011

Black Friday has come and gone. But, if you’re like most people, you probably still have a little holiday shopping left to do. Whether you’re looking for small items like toys and clothing, big-ticket items like electronics or maybe a car, or even a plane ticket home to see the family, the following tips can help you save on your last-minute holiday purchases.

Toys, Electronics, Jewelry, and Even Groceries: Believe it or not, you can get the best deals on a wide variety of gift ideas without ever leaving your house. So whether you’re looking for toddler toys, a big screen TV, a diamond necklace or even the groceries you need for that holiday feast, you should start by shopping online. For example, websites like allow you to compare prices at popular stores. You can also save by printing coupons on the items you want by visiting websites such as and Finally, consider visiting sites like that allow people to share coupons for thousands of popular stores and items.

Clothing: If you still need to buy a gift for a teenager, then the clothing store may be a good place to start. This time of year, you’ll find tons of holiday specials that make last-minute shopping easy. But you’ll want to plan out and time your trip to the mall. That’s because when the weekend rolls around, just about every dressing room is filled…and the best deals have been picked over already. Why? It’s simple. With the large number of special promotions to be marked and shelves to be stocked, most clothing stores get started early. And savvy shoppers, like you, can get the best deals and the best selection by Thursday evenings. As an added bonus, the stores, dressing rooms, and checkout lines aren’t nearly as crowded – so you save on stress, too!

Cars: Perhaps you’re in the market for a big-ticket item this holiday season. Lots of automakers and dealers offer special financing or holiday specials to help increase sales near the end of the year. When it comes to buying a car, you may already know that your best chance to negotiate a better price is at the end of a month when car dealers need to make their monthly quotas. But did you know you can drive home a great deal early in the week, especially during the morning? At that time, the dealerships aren’t overflowing with shoppers like they are on the weekend, so you’ll get more personalized attention. Plus, salespeople are more likely to negotiate when they don’t have three or four other buyers waiting in the wings to pay full price.

Airplane Tickets: Still looking for a plane ticket to see friends and family members during the holiday season? In addition to looking for cheap airfare on sites like,, and, remember to shop at the right times. For example, your best chance for saving is Wednesday morning. That’s because airlines introduce their savings over the weekend and during the first few days of the week, subtle price wars begin. By early Wednesday, the savings have usually hit their peak…and there are still plenty of seats left for you to capitalize on. And remember, the more flexible you can be on your travel dates, the better chance you have of grabbing a good deal.

The moral of the story is that with a little planning, you can still save big on large and small items on your holiday shopping list.


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