Published On December 5th, 2011

Black Friday has come and gone. But, if you’re like most people, you probably still have a little holiday shopping left to do. Whether you’re looking for small items like toys and clothing, big-ticket items like electronics or maybe a car, or even a plane ticket home to see the family, the following tips can help you save on your last-minute holiday purchases.

Published On November 3rd, 2011

A recent Princeton University study on the link between money and life satisfaction showed that those people who were fiscally responsible and didn’t worry about making ends meet (and who were also on course with saving for retirement and college tuition) reported being the happiest. Conversely, those who concentrated much of their thinking on financial matters were much less likely to be happy. Interestingly enough, this applied across all income levels.

Published On October 18th, 2011

Some banks have recently announced that they will charge up to $60 a year to use your debit card while others are increasing their fees for every-day services such as checking and savings accounts. I’ll be perfectly honest; these fees the banks are charging their customers really turn me off. Why should you have to pay to use your own money? Especially when there are plenty of opportunities to get these same services for free?

Published On August 22nd, 2011

The days when you could send your kids off to the first day of school with a lunchbox and a hug are long gone. Today’s back-to-school preparations likely include filing out piles of pre-enrollment paperwork, lining up carpools and, of course, the dreaded shopping excursions for clothes and school supplies.

Published On April 24th, 2011

So many of us have the goal of getting out of debt. Nobody really wants to live with hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars, in debt hanging over their heads. The trouble is, how do you eliminate that debt? Do you think to yourself “If only I made more money, I’d be rich?” Do you look at your financial picture and see no way out? Do you give up on your goal because it’s too hard to work on it today?

Published On April 22nd, 2011

It’s been just a few days since the income tax filing deadline, and several clients & friends who filed early are already receiving income tax refunds. That brought up many questions regarding the best ways to use income tax refunds to make smart moves to get out of debt & improve your financial situation. The Internal Revenue Service indicates that 78 percent of U.S. individual taxpayers receive an income tax refund.

Published On April 15th, 2011

For many people, there is a big moment in their life when they think “I need to evaluate my finances and get out of debt.” This is a life-changing moment. What happens when you have that moment? You spend hours, days or weeks researching the best way to get out of debt. You sit down and take a real, hard look at your personal finances. You account for every penny brought in and spent.

Published On April 13th, 2011

A supermarket’s busiest times are weekdays between 5 and 7pm and weekend mornings. The slowest times are weekday mornings as well as popular TV nights. By planning ahead (and setting your TiVo®), you’ll minimize the time you spend at the market. Also, try not to stray from your shopping list and never shop when you’re hungry. Both faux pas are notorious for adding time to your excursion.

Published On April 1st, 2011

Before the housing crisis, it wasn’t uncommon for people to raid their home-equity piggy banks to pay off bills. Plummeting home values and tougher lending standards helped curb that practice, leading some people to engage in a far more disturbing habit: borrowing or withdrawing money from their retirement accounts to cope with financial hardship.


Published On March 24th, 2011

Are you meticulous about your paperwork? Do you file your financial paperwork, keeping every paper that has crossed your desk for at least the last seven years? At this point, you may be drowning in paperwork. How much of that paperwork do you actually need?


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