The Credit Bureau's are selling your Personal Information!
Published On March 2nd, 2008

It is time to slap the credit companies where it hurts! Did you know that the 3 major credit card bureaus are selling your personal credit information to other vendors without your permission?

Not only is this legal it is happening non-stop. Did you know when you apply for any credit that these credit card companies turn around and sell and your information to other credit companies within 24 hours. This should be illegal, and even the state of Masachussetts has outlawed and congress is looking to do some congressional hearings on this practice.

You can do something right now, just go to this link

and opt-out of this practice and your information will now be private and they cannot sell your personal information. I have even heard that on some occasions your credit score and increase just by opting-out of credit offers!

I have had all my family, friends, and client’s all opt-out!

Your friend,

Robert Weinberg

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