Warren Buffet's Advice on Credit Cards
Published On March 2nd, 2008

I was watching Warren Buffet- Billionare Next Door on CNBC and he had two pieces of advice for young people.

1. Stay away from Credit Cards
2. Invest in yourself – To earn more money, through education, course, self improvement, etc.

I found that to be very powerful yet simple advice. Over the last week I helped 3 clients that combined we are saving them almost $800,000 in interest alone!

Today I recieved a book I have been wanting to read called, “Maxed Out” by James Scurklock. It is about, “how vulnerable many americans are to the predatory methods banks and credit card companies employ to separate them from the money they make and to keep them paying on the money they’re not making.” said Henry Rollins.

They have actually turned it into a movie, you can see the trailer at http://www.maxedoutmovie.com

Your Friend,

Rob Weinberg

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