Published On October 5th, 2016

Managing a credit card can really be rocket science for many people, and you're probably caught right in the middle of that category! However, if you apply some very simple tips and techniques for managing and monitoring your credit card, you'll find that it's a very workable tool.

Published On September 1st, 2016

Debt can keep you up at night. Reducing debt is simple, but it can take a long time and it isn’t any fun. Once you realize you have a challenge, it’s often too late to solve the issue quickly and easily. But you can eliminate your debt, strengthen your finances, and become a stronger person in the process.

Published On June 13th, 2016

Credit card companies used to market aggressively to college students. Laws now prohibit this type of activity, but getting a credit card is important for college students. Sooner or later, you’ll want to purchase an automobile or home, and you’ll either have to use credit or save for a very long time.

Published On May 12th, 2016

A heavy debt burden is like climbing a mountain with 100 pounds on your back. It never gets any easier unless you drop the weight. Fortunately, it’s possible to live a life without any debt! Eliminating debt and staying debt-free both require discipline and patience. But the freedom you receive is well worth the effort.

Published On February 9th, 2016

Credit cards make purchases and paying your bills easier. Using a credit card is also a good way to boost your credit score. However, failing to properly manage your credit cards can lead to a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Published On February 1st, 2016

Credit cards continue to be popular targets for hackers and thieves. However, companies are responding with new technology to keep your cards safe.

Published On July 15th, 2015

There are times when you may want to negotiate with your credit card company. Perhaps you’ve been shopping for the best rates and discovered that your company is on the high end of the spectrum. Or maybe you’ve fallen behind on your payments and need all the help you can get to lower your debt.

Either way, you’ll be glad to know that many credit card companies are open to negotiating.  

Published On November 1st, 2013

Anyone with credit card debt knows just how challenging it can be. Interest rates are averaging 13 to 16 percent, and it’s not easy to get ahead once you have this type of debt. If you have debts with high interest rates, make paying these a priority. It will bring you a lot of relief to pay them off as soon as possible and be rid of them. These steps will help you eliminate your credit card debt:  

Published On September 3rd, 2013

While your credit card company might like to pretend they have your best interests at heart, it turns out that’s not always the case. Credit card companies, like most other businesses, have ‘loopholes’ in place to drain every cent they can from you. Being aware of these tactics is the best defense. Otherwise, you’ll be paying astronomical interest rates and navigating through a minefield of penalties that are only mentioned in the very fine print of your credit card agreement.…

Published On January 10th, 2013

It is very common to receive convenience checks from your credit card issuer. These promotional checks look like free money, with 0 percent offers in bold print. These offers may seem like a tempting way to pay for holiday shopping, but consumers need to read the fine print to know exactly what you are getting.

The convenience check is linked to your credit card account. The promotional letter describes the checks as an easy way to get cash, transfer balances, or make a purchase that…


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