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Published On May 4th, 2012

Credit cards are like relationships. It's sometimes hard to break up and the split may hurt you more than the other party involved. While it may give you all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings to cut up that credit card, losing the available credit could hurt your credit score and raise the costs of future financing and loans you take out.

Closing a credit card account that you have paid off or don't use seems like a logical thing to do. However, the "credit utilization ratio"…

Published On March 26th, 2012

You need to understand that a huge part of your score (30%) is determined by your “Proportion to Balances” ratio.

This is a very important number, do not overlook it. I want you to understand how this is scored so you will always be able to manage your credit and your score. There are methods & strategies to help you remove your negative credit history from your file, but you must have good credit with good ratios reporting.

Published On March 6th, 2012

Many people believe that opening up secured credit cards are the smartest, quickest and most effective method to add positive accounts to their credit report. They most definitely are not!

This list is not intended to be all inclusive by any means, simply a few methods you can use to re-establish credit more quickly.

Published On February 29th, 2012

According to most recent reports, a major consumer group conducted a study that said that it is pretty easy to get your credit card interest rates lowered. 59% of the credit card holders just called the credit card company and got a reduction in their interest rates instantly and the rate that was lowered was somewhere between 7-10 points lower than what they were paying previously. If you succumb to the sky-high rates on the credit cards, very soon you will land up in credit card debt for which…

Published On February 20th, 2012

Although credit card delinquency has become more common during the past several years, most consumers' continue to have a lacking understanding of how it works.

Too many of us don’t know how to avoid or solve this personal financial challenge!

The good news is that once you gain a more complete knowledge of delinquency, dealing with it is actually pretty straightforward.

Published On February 13th, 2012

If you have a mortgage with one of the lenders below you can use the contact information to reach the person at the lender that should be able to direct you to the special terms or programs available to help you avoid foreclosure or to come to a solution regarding your delinquent mortgage.

The contacts should be able to handle Short Sales, Foreclosures, Forebearances, Loan Modifications, Repayments, Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure arrangements, etc.

Published On February 3rd, 2012

The Obama administration has proposed a national refinance plan in an effort to stimulate the housing market by helping those homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages, or owe more on their loan than what the home is currently worth. Based on the proposal, the program would be available to responsible mortgage borrowers…and could save them up to $3,000 a year if they were to partake in the program.

Published On February 1st, 2012

As you and your spouse celebrate Valentine’s Day over a candle-lit dinner, you may want to avoid romance-killing topics like, “Honey, let’s talk about our financial future.” But you really should have that conversation sooner rather than later to keep your relationship on a healthy footing.

Major life changes may require you to reassess how you manage the family finances. Unfortunately, many couples don’t make time to plan ahead and are later caught off…

Published On January 30th, 2012

Federal Reserve officials said they expect to keep short-term interest rates near ZERO for almost three more years until 2014 which was increase six more months from last August when they were stating rates would stay near zero until Mid-2013. Also in more efforts to speed up the economic recovery they could restart the controversial bond-buying program.

Published On January 25th, 2012

A FICO Score takes into consideration 5 categories, not just one or two. The importance of any factor depends on the information in your entire credit report. Your FICO Score looks only at the credit-related information contained in your credit reports. Your FICO Score considers both positive and negative information from your credit reports.


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