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Published On May 2nd, 2016

Many people handle money well at work, but horribly at home. There’s a different mindset when you’re expected to act like a professional. What if you handled your personal finances with the same professionalism a CFO takes care of business? Discipline and professionalism can add a lot to your personal financial future.

Published On April 19th, 2016

Obtaining a free credit report is easy. Reviewing your report will help you keep an eye on your credit score and protect your identity. Request your free report regularly to ensure all the information reported on it is accurate and to catch any signs of identity theft as early as possible.

Published On April 13th, 2016

Medical identity theft can destroy your credit and make your life difficult. It differs from other types of identity theft, and it isn’t easy to resolve.

Published On April 4th, 2016

Timeshares allow you to have limited use of a property without becoming a full owner. They’re an easy way to secure a vacation spot without buying an entire house or condominium. However, timeshare ownership may not be what it seems.

Published On March 2nd, 2016

Our society relies heavily on credit to make major purchases. Credit can even be used for smaller purchases. Even phone companies check your credit when you want to start phone service. Plus, prospective employers sometimes check your credit as well. It’s never too soon to begin building your credit.

Published On February 9th, 2016

Credit cards make purchases and paying your bills easier. Using a credit card is also a good way to boost your credit score. However, failing to properly manage your credit cards can lead to a lot of unnecessary expenses.

Published On February 1st, 2016

Credit cards continue to be popular targets for hackers and thieves. However, companies are responding with new technology to keep your cards safe.

Published On January 4th, 2016

Going back to school is a big decision, but it can be a viable solution if you want to increase your job opportunities and salary. It’s important to determine if going back to school makes good financial sense. It takes longer to earn back the cost of tuition and lost wages than you might think! Looking at the numbers will help you make a smart financial decision.

Published On December 2nd, 2015

Have your adult children, friends, or other family members asked you to cosign a loan with them? Especially if this is their first loan, the financial institution is likely to ask them for a cosigner, such as their parents. However, cosigning a loan with anyone carries responsibilities.

Published On November 18th, 2015

Millennials are less interested in money and finances that any previous generation. Even so, it’s still important for Millennials to take steps to avoid the common financial mistakes committed by younger folks. Placing too much emphasis on financial wealth can be a shallow way to live, but having financial challenges isn’t a lot of fun either.


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