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Who you trust in helping you eliminate your debt is an important decision. Since 2003, Robert Weinberg has helped hundreds of homeowners achieve their financial goals by teaching them advanced strategies for eliminating debt, creating wealth, and preserving credit.

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“I’m the father of three children, and I’ve been married for 13 years. My wife Charlotte and I had found ourselves living pretty much from paycheck to paycheck, even though between us we generate about $100,000 in income every year. With a mortgage to pay, a line of credit for home renovations, and our credit card debt, we had little to no money left for retirement planning, our kids education or for holidays.Until we met Robert Weinberg, we couldn’t see the light at the end of tunnel. Since using this debt elimination service, all of that has changed.We are now able to save $1,228 every month in after tax monthly payments, and by applying one third to the outstanding principal we were able to not only save money but reduce our debt payments to just 9 years. Charlotte and I now have money for the kids’ education and for the first time in a decade we’ll pay for our family summer vacation in cash. Thank You!”

Bill & Charlotte Driscoll, Cumberland, RI

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