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Who you trust in helping you eliminate your debt is an important decision. Since 2003, Robert Weinberg has helped hundreds of homeowners achieve their financial goals by teaching them advanced strategies for eliminating debt, creating wealth, and preserving credit.

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“My husband Michael & I have been married for six years. We’re both professionals and have no children as of yet, although we treat our dog Max as one of the family. Like many young couples we’ve fallen into the “buy it now, pay for it later” mentality. With our mortgage, our car payments and minimum credit card payments, we were at an alarming $3,400 in monthly expenses!We’d become victims of our own spending habits and couldn’t get out of debt for many years. The thought of a family seemed to only add to our anxiety. All this despite the fact that between us, we were earning a multiple six figure income.

Since we were introduced to Mr. Weinberg, his team of debt reduction experts, our entire situation has changed. Our payments have been dramatically reduced, and so has the time to pay out all of our loans, including our mortgage. With this new financial plan we will be completely debt-free in just 6 years. We have also started making monthly contributions to a retirement fund; something we could have never done in the past!”

June & Michael DeAngelo, Tallahassee, FL

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